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  • Why You Should Use Startup Teaser

    A teaser is a one-page summary that outlines the business opportunity for investors.


    P.S. thinking laterally you could use Startup Teaser to explain any project that needs to be "sold" to a 3rd party. It's not just for startups.

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  • The Discipline of a 1 Page Summary

    The Discipline of Explaining Your Startup on 1 Page

    You need a teaser—and you need it for a few reasons.


    A teaser isn’t a deck. A teaser is a one-page summary that outlines the business opportunity for investors. No more than one page, no less. It’s not a sales pitch or a financial projection — it’s one page that tells investors why they should care about your idea.


    Whenever an aspiring founder runs me through an intriguing concept, I suggest they write a teaser. I don’t hear back from everyone, because writing a teaser is harder than it seems. I’m always interested to see if they’re capable of creating one — if they know how to distill their idea into its clearest, most inspirational form. When they do the homework, the feedback I receive is very positive, along the lines of, "this was an awesome process for me and my team".


    Simply putting a one-page constraint on the document makes it a challenge. If entrepreneurs can’t write a teaser, it raises questions on their conviction about the opportunity and the amount of research they’ve done to back up the strategy. Plenty of people talk about doing a startup, but not everyone walks the talk and does what's needed to get their idea out there.


    Why You Need A Teaser


    It creates your foundation. Think of the teaser as an executive summary written in complete sentences and paragraphs. A teaser forces you to think clearly about your idea and identify why it’s different. It’s a concise expression of your idea that requires proper syntax and grammar, so don’t use bullet points. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t understand what the word “teaser” implies. A teaser is only designed to get you a call. It’s your shot at getting an investor on the phone so you can present your idea in more detail.


    Think of it like your profile on a dating app. A teaser is meant to say, “Hey, I’m an attractive venture, and I think you should take a look. If you agree, let’s talk.” You’ve only got one page to get them hooked, so you have to make your idea stand out.


    Contact the Startup Teaser designer, Greg Twemlow, to ask questions or provide feedback: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregtwemlow

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    Startup Teaser Advice Premium Upgrade
    Startup Teaser Advice Premium Upgrade
    The designer of Startup Teaser, Greg Twemlow, will host a 30 minute voice call to provide advice on how you can use Startup Teaser for your startup or project. Greg will then spend another 30 minutes to review your completed Teaser and provide written feedback via email.
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    Startup Teaser Feedback Upgrade
    Startup Teaser Feedback Upgrade
    The designer of Startup Teaser, Greg Twemlow, will personally review your completed Teaser and provide feedback via email.
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    Startup Teaser Kit
    The kit includes full instructions, samples and of course the editable version of the Startup Teaser canvas. Use the editable version over and over. No limit to how many Startup Teasers you can create. Once the kit is purchased you will receive a second email with the documents.
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